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LC Balance (Vision) food supplement

Product withdrawn from sale, no replacement

LC Balance - effective ally in the fight against cholesterol

The best specialists of the Vision company spent much time and effort to thoroughly investigate the problem of controlling the level of cholesterol. As a result of long and precise examinations at the end of the first decade of the XXI century they have produced a new biologically active food supplement, which aims to combat "bad" cholesterol. It is a formula that effectively protects our blood vessels against the so-called "silent killer".

The brand new product LCBalance (Level of Cholesterol Balance) – is a quick and effective solution of the problem of cholesterol. This preparation impacts in two ways - both on external sources of cholesterol and its inner layers and regulates the amount of "bad" cholesterol without reducing acceptable levels of "good" cholesterol.

Polikosanol, which is part of a new BAFS, normalizes cholesterol level in blood and prevents it from excessive penetration into the intestines. Polikosanol reduces almost half the production of an enzyme called HMGCoA, which takes part in the synthesis of cholesterol.

LCBalance also contains phytosterols, which are natural components of plant cell membranes. They block the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver for reducing the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

These two components of LCBalance are like the tongue of the scales, because they help maintain the necessary balance of cholesterol in the blood and immediately react to even the smallest change.

LCBalance lowers cholesterol in two ways:

  • IT BLOCKS the production of "bad"cholesterol in the liver (internal factor - 75-80%).
  • IT PREVENTS from penetration of "bad" cholesterol from the digestive tract (external factor - 20-25%).


  • IT BLOCKS the production of "bad"cholesterol in the liver.
  • IT PREVENTS from penetration of "bad" cholesterol from the digestive tract.
  • IT LIMITS the production of the enzyme HMGCoA, which is involved in the synthesis of cholesterol.


Ingredients Content, %
Plant sterols 30,77%
Polikosanols 0,77%
Other (non-active) components 68,46%

Form: Preparation in capsule form.

Package: Plastic jar. One jar contains 30 capsules.

Read specially prepared brochure about LCBalance product (PDF)