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About Vision

The Company

VISION INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE GROUP was founded in 1996 From the very beginning of its operations, the Company had established its main objective - work in the health marker and creating healthy businesses. By combining these two approach es to human health, the philosophy of the Company was created, the basis of which is acknowledging human health as the greatest virtue, consisting of physical, spiritual, intellectual and social harmony in one's life. Today, VISION INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE GROUP is a renowned international company which distributes biologically active food supplements (BAFS) of the highest quality and a new generation of cosmetics by way of multilevel marketing.

VISION INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE GROUP presently operates in 17 countries around the world. The products it offers, thanks to their unique natural properties, specially selected plant ingredients and unique production technology, have gained recognition among their clients, which has led to the dynamic development of the company. Since 1998, VISION has been cooperating with the ARKOPHARMA Pharmaceutical Laboratories, a world leader in the production of natural dietary supplements and a partner in research and product development. In cooperation with ARKOPHARMA, VISION also owns the NUTRIPHARMA manufacturing facility in Ireland, where food supplements are made, and a laboratory on the Mediterranean coast where unique cosmetics are developed.

Materials and technology

VISION possesses great research potential and carries out re-gular monitoring of the ecological state in different regions of the earth. In this way the most suitable places are chosen for cultivating the plants used in VISION'S products. The company has determined 75 of the most ecologically pure, natural regions, which fulfill VISION'S standards and which presently supply the material for biologically active food supplements and cosmetics. Our specialists also take other parameters into account like how rarefied the air is, the altitude where growing takes place, the average yearly temperature, humidity, the intensity of ultraviolet rays, or the orientation of the growing area in terms of the sides of the earth. All of the information collected is kept in a dynamic database, which is updated daily. This database makes up the Company's know-how and is its trade secret. On the basis of the data collected, ecological certifications of regions are made out. The story of the creation of every capsule and every biologically active supplement begins from the moment certifications are given to regions.

The plant ingredients are only collected at specific times of the year, because the time of harvest is a decisive factor in sustaining the vital strength of herbs. Next, the live herbs are put into special„ eco-containers" and delivered to the factory. VISION'S products are unique not only because of the purity of the plant materials used in their production but also because of the unique technology used to extract their active ingredients. The unique technology of cryogrinding, where the raw plant materials are frozen and ground in the presence of low temperatures (-196 C) in an atmosphere of neutral nitrogen gas, is used during the production of VISION'S biologically active food supplements. Extraction is done under high carbon dioxide compression (up to 300 bar).

This process allows for the retention of beneficial qualities from the plant ingredients, without destroying the vital strength of the herbs. They extracts are obtained in a powder form which is uniquely natural, hypoallergenic and micro-biologically clean, without residual solvents or chemicals. VISION'S biologically active food supplements (BAFS) and cosmetics are produced in conditions that fully conform to GMP norms, which concern pharmaceutical preparations. In addition, all of the VISION'S supplements are subjected to many laboratory and clinical tests before they reach the end user. At the same time, the Company gives a one hundred percent safety guarantee to anyone who takes the supplements in the recommended amounts.