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Regeneration of the body after physical and intellectual exertion, improvement of endurance

Everything in our lives depends on time - or, perhaps more accurately, lack of it. It is precisely the time which we eternally lack which dictates our way of life, and from our youngest years we get used to carving out time, often at the expense of relaxation, eating and meeting with friends. Although we manage to regenerate our strength by resting for short periods when we are young, age brings increasing amounts of fatigue. The internal reserves of energy we have in our bodies are not without their limits. When you have been exposed to traumatic events like poisoning, long-term pharmacological treatment or an operation, or you have experienced or are experiencing long-lasting stress and you are over the age of 30, it is doubtful that you are able to manage without help from outside. If you do manage, it is at a high price, like premature aging, and it is not possible to foresee when these experiences will "rebound" on your health. In light of this, where can you get reserves for regenerating your body? How can you help it out of a difficult situation without major losses? How can you teach yourself to leave feelings of exhaustion and defeat behind you each day and start a new day filled with strength and readiness for everything? For ages, doctors have tried to find answers to those questions. They searched for ways to stimulate dormant, unused and undiscovered reserves in the body. Over many centuries, great and precious experience has been gathered during these investigations. It would be a huge mistake to leave all of that behind without giving it the recognition it is due or taking advantage of it. The regenerative assortment that you see before you is a set of products which are intended to activate the internal reserves of the body, helping it return its normal, rich functions after a traumatic event.

(food supplement)

The main sources of contamination that affect the internal workings of the body are either exogenous toxins (which come from outside) or endogenic toxins (produced inside the body).

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