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Exercise Is Health

The wellness philosophy puts particular emphasis on daily exercise. Most of us spend all day behind a desk piled high with papers. When we are flooded with work we forget to move our bodies. Worst of all, when we finally do get around to exercising, we quickly lose our motivation, get tired, and give up. The newest research from Cape Town University shows that it is not our bodies that rebel but our brains. "Nowadays we do not like to wear ourselves out. Instead of 15 or so minutes of exercise we choose to lay in front of the television. That's not for me. I love playing sports. When I wear myself out I really feel alive," says Gwyneth Paltrow, who continued practicing yoga and running immediately after having her son. Madonna is also gives a good example of a healthy lifestyle. She has popularized fitness all around the world. She even managed to make wearing tracksuits the latest fad. Madonna goes to a fitness club every day. She often brings her daughter Lourdes along, so she is learning from her earliest years how to take care of herself - not only to look good but to be healthy. Madonna also has a great way of preventing herself from getting tired during hard exercise. When she runs she imagines, for example, that she has springs on the bottoms of her feet that help lift her off the ground. It helps her run faster and more easily. "lt helps me do more exercise. It makes training more effective," says the star. She was also the first to persuade others not to put off exercise by saying there's no time for it. According to experts, that is the most common excuse of our times. It can be overcome: it is enough to plan what we want to achieve during the day and write it down on paper. Goals strengthen motivation. When we write that in three weeks we want to lose three kilograms and keep a detailed log of our achievements, it is easier to achieve our desired weight. Wellness is not just a slim figure, but above all good condition and a healthy body. When we lose our enthusiasm for exercise it is worth standing in front of the mirror and looking at our muscles. Our motivation comes back along with the desire towork to look and feel better. We also have a suggestion for those who cannot focus on exercising. When we do monotonous laps around a track or sit-ups, it's a good idea to turn on loud music. Then we stop thinking about how hard the exercises are and how tired we feel and focus on the rhythm and melody of the songs. Everyone who has a hard time going to the gym or starting to exercise at home should invite a few friends along. It's always more fun in a group!

Those who still don't want to believe how important a role everyday exercise plays should consider the research done by Dr Thomas Foster from the Department of Brain Research on Memory Loss at the American University of Florida. This expert has proven that a half hour of aerobic exercise done three or four times a week helps fight milder cases of depression. Scientists from the Institute of Higher Technology at the University of Illinois showed that three-quarters of a hour walking, done three times a week, improves concentration and the ability to make decisions-These changes allow one to concentrate his attention on what is important and ignore distractions," notes one of the authors of the project, professor of psychology Arthur F. Kramer.

One needn't add that regular physical activity also increases one's belief in his own strength, as well as improving self-esteem. After breaking up with Penelope Cruz, actor Matthew McConaughy admitted publicly that sports helped him overcome his sadness after their relationship had fallen apart. The actor can be seen most often on the beach in Malibu, swimming or surfing. Smiling and relaxed with a perfect body, he serves as a model for men all around the world. It's no wonder that "People" magazine recently named him "the sexiest man alive." "I just exercise," joked the actor when he received the award.