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Be Happy To Be Alive

"I'm not just happy when I am with my loved ones. It is just as important for me to live in harmony with myself. Above all that means what shape my body and mind are in. Every day, every minute I take care of both of them." said Gwyneth Paltrow one month after giving birth to her son, Moses.

The American actress is known for being one of the few Hollywood stars who watches what she eats, never diets and cannot imagine her day without at least a half hour of exercise. She openly admits that she is a proponent of the "wellness" movement, a combination of fitness and feelings of wellbeing. The movement was started in 1959 by American doctor Helbert Dunn. He was the first to prove that a healthy appearance and excellent psycho-physical condition contribute to one's professional success, social position and happiness in home life. In the 1980s, other American doctors followed in his footsteps and began to prescribe vitamins and physical exercise instead of countless medications. Perhaps that is why wellness is so often associated with fitness, today. Its proponents emphasize, however, that it is not just about exercise. A healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean going to a fitness club to work out, but the way we eat and rest. Wellness is simply a philosophy of combining a healthy lifestyle with pleasure. Specialists and proponents of the movement point to three main areas. And here they are.