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For women

Women may be kind, pretty, good, mystifying, desirable, inimitable, approachable, unconquerable, unpredictable, mean, quarrelsome, and so on, and so on. Any one of these expressions could be true. For ages, the myth of the mysterious and complicated spirit of women has reigned among men. With women, everything, from outward appearance to daily mood changes, depends on...well, what it depends on is very, very complicated. It includes a mass of hormonal factors, which should appear in strictly specified orders and amounts, since even a small disturbance in this complex arrangement leads to disorder in many systems in the female body. There are multitudes of factors that are capable of causing such disturbances, and there are a few times in life that could be improved, though the woman herself needs even more help. The area of medicine that concerns women's illnesses is one of the oldest. It probably appeared when Eve's first girl friend came to visit and talk about her problems. From that time on, this area has constantly developed and improved. Contemporary gynecology offers a full range of treatments for correcting pathological states in women - preparations with strong effects, giving fast and guaranteed results, but which are far from neutral and may even be dangerous to the female body.

Fortunately, the experiences of our ancestors allow us to choose. Ancient manuscripts contain the first prescriptions which were intended to help women endure a difficult period. The creators of our products worked according to the usual scheme: traditional formulas were studied, and then the plant ingredients that ensure a certain effect were extracted. After that, the biologically active substances were combined in such a way that the effectiveness of each biologically active supplement was maximally complex and broad-based. The result of this colossal work is what you see before you. The assortment for women is a group of products whose purpose is to help women pass through the main periods of hormonal change painlessly, without increasing the hormonal burden on the body.

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One of the complicated periods that every woman experiences is the time when specific female functions are forming - the time of sexual maturation for girls. A child changes from a delicate, sensitive, beloved creature into an introverted...

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There are no ugly women. From birth, each of us is given something that with time conditions feminine beauty: hair, lashes, skin. And after that we manage this abundant gift as we see fit. Most often our skin care is, to put it kindly, episodic.

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Around the age of 45-48, every woman goes through a time that ought to be the most harmonious in her life, and why shouldn't it be?

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In the 1970s, American pharmacologists began systematic research on a plant which had been mentioned many times in Indian legends as magical remedy for treating the most serious, deadly diseases.

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