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Time For Relaxation

Muscle aches, sore throats, enlarged glands, migraines, a lack of vital energy - this is a brief list of symptoms of one illness. And it isn't a cold, nor the flu, but „chronic fatigue syndrome. "The illness was identified by American doctors in the 1980s. At the time it affected yuppies, the young urban professionals whose lives were centered on their careers. Research showed that these individuals were unable to rest. In 1993, the World Health Organization added chronic fatigue syndrome to its list of diseases of civilization. From that time on, specialists have been racing to find a way to fight stress. One of the essential factors that allows the body to function properly is getting the right amount of sleep. It is one of the most important things in our everyday lives. Late nights can be felt during the first few hours of the day in the form of sluggishness, moodiness, or aggressive behavior. We end up thinking all day about lying down and resting for a while. The body regulates the sleep cycle, producing melatonin and serotonin, the hormones responsible for healthy sleep. Stress upsets the process. If hormone levels are not high enough, sleep is shallow and easily interrupted. Problems with falling asleep appear, as well as nightmares and morning fatigue. A high level of stress hormones prepares the body for alertness, which makes it impossible to sleep peacefully. That is why it is best not to bring work home, and why you should spend at least one hour before bed doing something you enjoy, such as watching a favorite film, or reading. One half hour before bed it is also good to drink sweet balm tea, which has calming properties. When we learn how to take care of our sleeping habits it will not only be easier to look forward to a hard day's work, but it will also be easier to imagine effective ways of spending free time.

One of the key ideas of wellness is found in healthy relaxation. And who doesn't like to rest? Each of us dreams about it. Recent research has shown, however, that not everyone is able to relax. Even those who really try are sometimes lost in the jumble of catalogs and advertisements offering something or another as a way of spending free time. Of course, specialists advise that it is important to spend at least one day a week out in nature, surrounded by the beauty of the environment. However, that isn't always possible. That's why we often choose ,,beauty farms;' for example, where specialists give us anti-stress treatments and massages to bring back health and feelings of vitality. We have some advice for those who cannot afford that kind of relaxation, though: a stress-free day can be spent at home! It is best done on the weekend, when we aren't being interrupted by emergency calls from work. It's a good idea not to set an alarm clock, and just let yourself sleep in as long as your body needs to. A special day like this shouldn't start out with coffee. However, if you aren't able to imagine breakfast without it, have some decay. After breakfast it is best to take a short walk with a bit of running or quick walk-running. In the afternoon, meet friends.

They make us feel important and needed. And laugh as much as possible! Researchers from a university in Missouri have discovered that hearty laughter is the nest therapy for stress. Having a good laugh for 20 seconds brings the same effect as exercising for 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle. After a whole day when you have managed to relax and rest, it will be easier to face a new, busy week. „Every week I force my husband to spend at least one day just with me and the kids. We really love to take long walks in Hyde Park. After that we go to our favorite restaurant for lunch. Sometimes we spend a few hours there. And nothing else matters to us then. Those are the happiest moments," says Gwyneth Paltrow, who owes her professional and personal success to her conscious choice to live a healthy life.

A healthy and relaxed body is ready for new and even difficult challenges. Wellness is not just healthy eating and making sure to exercise every day. It is just a happy life!