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Medisoya (Vision) food supplement

Product withdrawn from sale, no replacement

Before and after menopause

Around the age of 45-48, every woman goes through a time that ought to be the most harmonious in her life, and why shouldn't it be? Her children have grown up, she is appreciated as an authority at work, she has reached a certain social and material status. She is wise, experienced, still attractive and desirable. This lovely "autumnal" time in a woman's life coincides with a certain physiological state - the extinguishing of female-specific functions. This state should not cause women any discomfort, but we see the exact opposite - women fade, they are disturbed by hot flashes, sleeplessness, unstable blood pressure; she is more likely to experience broken bones and becomes emotionally unstable. As a result, a woman becomes burdensome to herself and those around her. It is so common that the belief that menopause is a time of suffering, and nearly an illness in itself, has become deeply rooted in us. Why? In countries where the populations eat large amounts of sea food and soy, menopausal syndrome (the pathological course of menopause), in our understanding of it, practically does not exist. There is an explanation: soy is uniquely rich in isoflavons, which are representative of a large family of bioflavons. The isoflavons in soy demonstrate properties similar to those of hormones. They act selectively, normalizing estrogen levels (one of the essential female hormones) depending on their output value in women's blood, and thanks to that, they help reduce the intensity of menopausal symptoms. Sea food contains large amounts of vitamins D2 and D3, which are responsible for maintaining the integrity of bone structure and collagen. A deficiency of these vitamins leads to the development of osteoporosis (the erosion of bone tissue) and causes changes in women's exterior appearance. In MEDISOYA, the product we wish to draw your attention to, there are soy isoflavons, vitamins D2 and D3, and also calcium and phosphorus.

This biologically active food supplement complements a normal diet with isoflavons, vitamins and minerals. Helps the functioning of the body in the times before and after menopause. When used for a longer period of time helps to regulate estrogen levels. Helps soothe the symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, dryness, irregular menstrual periods, moodiness) as well as balance the hormonal state of the body.

Hypersensitivity to ingredients in the preparation; pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ingredients and form of the preparation
60 gelatin capsules, 520mg

Each capsule contains:
Vitamin D3 2,5 ug - 50% RDA*
Calcium 95 mg - 12% RDA
Soy isoflavons 100mg
Phosphorous 78 mg - 10% RDA
Vitamin D2 2,5 ug - 50% RDA
*RDA - recommended daily allowance.

Produced by:
Nutripharma Ltd. group of Akropharma companies, Waterford - Ireland.