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Revien (Vision) food supplement

Product withdrawn from sale, no replacement

For feelings of anxiety

Stressful things like noise, hurrying, anxiety, too many responsibilities and problems take their toll on the body. All of these things have a negative effect on the nervous system, which regulates breathing, the workings of the heart, blood pressure, digestion and sleep. As a result, headaches, heart symptoms, digestive problems and nervousness appear. What would seem to be a “normal" disturbance with sleep suddenly becomes a problem that requires immediate treatment. It is better to prevent the problem than try to fight with it later. That is why we offer the biologically active food supplement Revien.

Hops has calming, spasmolytic and pain-reducing properties. It is used in treatment of insomnia and neurasthenia. Black horehound also has calming, anesthetic and spasmolytic qualities. Selenium protects cell walls from oxidizing free radicals and strengthens the antioxidant properties of vitamin E, which is essential to the synthesis of many proteins and enzymes, including thyroid hormones containing iodine. It protects the body from heavy metals and other toxic elements that are found in our polluted surroundings (particularly industrial areas).

Ginseng is an unsurpassed adaptogen with highly effective toning and strengthening effects. It helps increase physical and mental capacity, improves the flow of oxygen to the brain, reduces fatigue and increases the resistance and endurance of the body.

This biologically active food supplement complements a normal diet with iron, zinc, selenium and other biologically active substances. Fights symptoms of stress and increases the body's resistance.

Not recommended to individuals with sensitivity to ingredients in the preparation, individuals with high blood pressure or heart problems or pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not for children under the age of 12. This preparation should not be taken in the evening.

Ingredients and form of the preparation
60 gelatin capsules, 346 mg

Each capsule contains:
Hops (Humulus lupus) 70 mg
Black horehound (Ballota nigra) 50mg
Ginseng root powder (Panax ginseng) 50 mg
Iron 2,4 mg
Zinc 5,75 mg - 38% RDA*
Selenium yeast 0,020 mg
*RDA - recommended daily allowance

Produced by:
Nutripharma Ltd. group of Akropharma companies, Waterford - Ireland.