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D project V | new Detox (Vision) food supplement

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Detoxifies at the cellular level. In the 1970s, American pharmacologists began systematic research on a plant which had been mentioned many times in Indian legends as magical remedy for treating the most serious, deadly diseases. These plants grow in only one place on Earth, in the basin of the Peruvian Amazon; it is a gigantic liana (over 50 meters long), whose thorns resemble a cat's paw with claws. That is the origin of the liana's name - Uncaria Tomentosa, Una de Gato, or Cat's Claw. Since ancient times, the Indian tribes that settled the basin of the Peruvian Amazon have been using this plant to treat illnesses of joints and digestive tract, serious infections, wounds, and cancerous conditions. Tests carried out using the standards available in the 1970s indicated that the roots and bark of the liana could, in fact, relieve many people's suffering. For over 100 years, interest in this plant has not faded. When it was possible to carry out research on larger geographical areas, it was established that within the acreage where the liana was growing, the number of cancer cases and genetic defects in the population was next to none. Research continued. It turned out that Cat's Claw has very wide applications. It has anti-inflammatory, diastolic and anti-oxidation properties, reduces blood pressure, builds the immune system, protects the liver, acts as a diuretic, detoxifies, protects the heart muscles, and is cytostatic (slowing or halting the spread of cancer). It was no accident that Cat's
Claw was added to the International Pharmacopeias, and that it received the "Plant of the Year" award in 1995. Biologically active ingredients from this plant are included in the product that we would like to draw your attention to: D. Taking just two capsules per day of D will allow you to experience the wide spectrum of biological effects on your body, for yourself.

- It cleanses the body of toxins and impurities.
- It has a positive effect on the immune system.
- Has a detoxifying effect.
- Helps with inflammation.

Fast action
The usage of highly active extracts with improved bioavailability.

The complex has well-known components, that have undergone long medical research.

Plant-derived capsule
Suitable for vegetarians, does not contain paraffins.

Main ingredients

Cat's Claw
Cat's Claw is rich in alkaloids (rinhofillin, pteropodin, isopteropodin, mitrafillin), that are powerful immunomodulators. Also Cat’s Claw has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Ginger root
Ginger has detoxification properties, improves digestion, gives energy, stimulates metabolism and strengthens immunity system.

Composition and form of the preparation - 60 capsules of plant origin
The composition of one capsule:
Cat's claw bark ... 300 mg
Cat's claw bark extract ... 100mg
Ginger root ... 100mg

It is recommended that adults take 1 capsule twice a day while eating with water.

Store at room temperature (not above 25 ° C) in a dry place. Keep away from children.

Trading Point groupe Elite Pharm, 17 rue des Freres Lumiere, 67201 Eckbolsheim, France

This product is suitable for vegetarians, it does not contain paraffins!

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