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CH project V | new Chromevital (Vision) food supplement

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Multicomponent energy tonic CH fights fatigue and lack of energy. CH stimulates the energy processes on cellular level, it contains specially chosen ingredients that can give energy to each cell of the body.

In each of us, strange things sometimes happen... Suddenly, in spite of good health and a lack of physical shortcomings, we start feeling broken down and exhausted. The very thought of our favorite activities repulses us and life and the world around us loses its color. The company of those closest to us begins to irritate us, our favorite foods seem unseasoned and flavorless, the innocent jokes of friends hurt our feelings or just unhinge us completely. As a result we either fall into depression or become aggressive. Neither of these options bring relief nor do they cure us. Frequent and long- lasting stress makes us vulnerable to states like this, and it's not just a matter of having bad moods - that wouldn't be so terrible. What is worse is the fact that stress affects the immune system in the body. If we don't take care of ourselves in moments like this, the next phase might be the development of frequent colds, then the true picture of chronic tiredness, first described in Tahoe (USA) in 1984. This illness has recently taken on the proportions of an epidemic. Unfortunately, we don't have statistics in our country as to the prevalence of this illness, but in the USA, according to statistical data, over 5 million people suffer from it. The surest way of avoiding the syndrome of chronic tiredness is to reduce one's vulnerability to stress and to create a positive perception of reality.
CH contains everything you need to reach that goal. It contains Siberian ginseng (one of a group of plants that fulfill an adaptogenic role), Guarana, and Kola nut, containing a full spectrum of active substances, among them caffeine. The fourth plant ingredient in CH is Spirulina, a seaweed regarded all over the world as one of the most promising sour­ces of protein (over 60% of its biomass is protein). A mysterious "growth control factor" has been isolated in Spirulina, a factor that remains unidentified, that controls growth and development in cells. This plant contains this substan­ce, which demonstrates anti-cancerous effects. CH also contains vitamins A and E and the entire B vitamin group, mineral substances, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, iodine, manganese, copper, zinc and molybdenom Using CH allows you to experience all of the unique properties of the plant ingredients it contains for yourself.

- improves mental and physical activity,
- gives energy,
- helps reduce fatigue,
- protects against overloading,
- accelerates recovery after stress and colds.

Fast action
The usage of highly active extracts with improved bioavailability.

The complex has well-known components, that have undergone long medical research.

Plant-derived capsule
Suitable for vegetarians, does not contain paraffins.

Main ingredients
Eleutherococcus extract
Eleutherococcus activates the central nervous system and stimulates physical activity. The extract of Eleutherococcus helps improve eyesight, activate muscular and mental processes, metabolism, and has a hypoglycemic effect. Eleutherococcus stimulates the protective functions of the body, and it is a powerful immunomodulator.

Organic spirulina
Spirulina has a lot of vitamins: А, В1, В2, В6, В12, В5, В9, Е, biotin, as well as microelements: calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum. Thanks to these, spirulina helps to feel satisfied, balanced; reduce stress, and has a toning, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effect.

Guarana seeds contain caffeine that helps the plant to have a toning effect. Guarana stimulates physical and mental processes, protects against fatigue.

Chromium picolinate
Chromium picolinate takes part in the glucose metabolism, thus protecting the body against diabetes and lack of energy. Moreover, it normalizes the cholesterol levels in the blood and protects our hearts.

Composition and form of the preparation - 60 capsules of plant origin
The composition of one capsule:
Spirulina platensis ... 75mg
Guarana seed ... 75mg
Whereof caffeine ... <4.5mg
Eleutherococcus root extract ... 50mg
Whereof eleutherasides ... 4mg
Vitamin C ... 42mg, 52.5% NRV
Cola nut ... 20mg
Whereof caffeine ... <0.4mg
Chromium ... 100ug, 250% NRV
NRV - Nutrient reference values

It is recommended that adults take 1 capsule twice a day while eating with water.

Store at room temperature (not above 25 ° C) in a dry place. Keep away from children.

Trading Point groupe Elite Pharm, 17 rue des Freres Lumiere, 67201 Eckbolsheim, France

This product is suitable for vegetarians, it does not contain paraffins!

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