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Safe to see

Regular use of biologically active food supplement Safe-to-see contributing to the improvement of visual acuity, reduce signs of eye strain and reduce the risk of developing eye diseases. The main component of Safe-to-see are the polyunsaturated fatty acids, necessary to keep eyes in good condition.

SAFE TO SEE (food supplement)
Regular consumption of Safe-to-see contributes to maintaining visual acuity, reducing eye fatigue, as well as to reducing a risk of developing deceases of organs of vision.

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49,50 EUR
Wholesale price:
29,70 EUR (26,500 CV)

SAFE TO SEE FORTE (food supplement) is created exclusively for Vision, contains the best eye vitamins, ensures protection of the eyesight and helps preserve its sharpness.

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52,20 EUR
Wholesale price:
31,32 EUR (28,500 CV)