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Vanilla Shake (Vision) food supplement

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Smart Food shakes - healthy and delicious!

Vanilla shake contains essential vitamins, minerals, and a high-quality vegetable protein, which makes it a complete, nutritious food product. In addition to normalizing your metabolism, this shake allows to correctly adjust your eating habits and to lose weight. Vanilla shake has a pleasant vanilla flavor, is low in calories, and is perfect for those who follow a diet.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Lifestyle

The “wellness” concept has gained in popularity recently. However, this concept is much wider than one might think and covers not only healthy lifestyle. Wellness presupposes not merely being physically fit, eating healthy and balanced diet or caring of your appearance, but also living in harmony with oneself. Consequently, all “ingredients” of such lifestyle must bring joy, as they represent the appeal of the whole wellness philosophy: comfortable modern sports clothes and gear, spacious gym, light but tasty food.

Most of us still believe that being hungry, feeling sore in muscles and craving cakes and pastry are what it takes to have a perfect body. But actually this is exactly the worst approach ever. It might bear fruit, but torturing yourself and refusing some simple pleasures could lead to breakdowns and coming back to old habits one day. Scientists believe that unappetizing, yet healthy, food affects our emotional well-being and can cause apa- thy or even depression.

To provide for the steady result you have to fit healthy habits into your lifestyle. To develop and maintain healthy habits, they must bring joy and pleasure.

Dietary nutrition is one of the toughest habits to form. Cooking delicious but low-calorie dishes takes time, and quite often requires some exotic ingredients. By all means, fancy spring rolls or arugula shrimp salad would be perfect on your menu. But usually when we feel the sudden onset of hunger, all we can is manage a sandwich or tea with some snacks. After such guilty pleasures, we promise ourselves to start eating healthy food, until the next time.

It’s even more difficult to have healthy snacks outside home. As a rule eating in cafés takes time, and “healthiness” of the food there is questionable. Natural yogurt and apples (our best friends on any diet) are good and wholesome, but boring. Also, a well-known fact, for better activity our brain requires glucose, so one thing leads to another, and here you go: coffee and chocolate instead of healthy nutritious snacks, and yet another promise to go back to healthy diet.

There is a great option: wholesome, filling and fast Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes from Vision, the best snack for your healthy diet.

They are as delicious as your favorite chocolate or creamy milk shakes, but not as high-calorie. Instead they contain a bunch of vitamins and useful nutrients.

Who are the shakes recommended for?

  • Those who watch their weight and appearance.
  • Those who want to normalize their metabolism.
  • Those who want to correct their eating habits.
  • Those who watch their blood sugar levels.
  • Those who follow a diet.
  • All young, active people as a source of energy and the necessary complex of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Smart Food Shake: the basis of a healthy diet.

However, the modern pace of life doesn't always allow us to arrange snacks every three hours. Often we don't have enough time, or we forget, or the situation is unfitting, or we simply feel uncomfortable eating something around others.

This is where Vision's new exclusive product - delicious and nutritious Smart Food shakes - comes to the rescue. Unique formulas of these new functional food products, developed by the scientists of the DEM4 laboratory, will help you organize your daily meals without fast food and without harming your body.

Smart Food shakes contain a high-quality vegetable protein, which has a high biological value, helps control your weight and remain in perfect shape. They can be used for weight loss, weight control, and building muscle mass.

Do you like vanilla ice cream? Vanilla Shake has a pleasant vanilla taste and will easily replace your favorite dessert. It also restores the energy level of the body, boosts metabolism, relieves tension and normalize heart rate.

The main advantage of Smart Food shakes - is that they are extremely easy to use. If needed, any shake can be prepared in a special shaker and easily taken with you to a business meeting, to a sports workout or to the movies. Shakes give a feeling of satiety, normalize metabolism, allow you to correct your eating plan and to control your weight.

Shakes from Vision are a perfect solution for people who want to improve their quality of life by acquiring healthy habits and enriching their diet with healthy low-calorie foods.


Vanilla shake is recommended as a functional food product as it’s a source of high-quality protein with a high biological value.

Ingredients1 sachet 23 g
Vitamin A120 mcg
Vitamin D0,75 mcg
Vitamin E1,8 mg
Vitamin C12 mg
Vitamin B10,16 mg
Vitamin B20,21 mg
20 mg
Vitamin B32,4 mg
Vitamin B60,21 mg
Vitamin B930 mcg
Vitamin B120,37 mcg
Vitamin B87,9 mcg
Vitamin B50,9 mg
Calcium50 mg
Phosphorus180 mg
Iron2,4 mg
Zinc1,8 mg
Copper0,15 mg
Iodine23 mcg
Selenium8,3 mcg
Magnesium55 mg
Manganese0,3 mg

Product: 1 box contains 14 sachets.

Recommendations for use: Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 200 ml of skim milk.

Store at room temperature (not above 25°C) in a dry, dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life: see packaging.

Read specially prepared brochure about Vanilla Shake product (PDF)