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D4X Get Detox (Vision) food supplement

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D4X Get Detox

Manuka honey used in D4X has a very high 20+ UMF rating and is the king of honeys that boosts with unique antibacterial activity more than any other honey. This su­perfood restores the body, helps to gather inner strength and is very beneficial for the immune system.

- Beneficial level of Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is from UMF5+; anything from UMF16+ and up is considered superior quality.
- Up to 200 times stronger than other honeys.
- x4 the mineral content of regular flower honeys.

honey mix, manuka 20+, hibiscus extract, hawthorn extract, dandelion extract, cordyceps extract, acerola extract, succinic acid, plant phospholipids (from soya lecithin).

10 sachets of 100g

- Enhances the potential of liver function and facilitates detoxification.
- Aids in recovery from food or alcohol poisoning.
- Helps to recover after serious illnesses, injuries and surgeries.
- Strengthens the body when it is weak after a long period of stress and a weakened immune system.
- Improves stamina, libido and restores natural energy.


D4X products have been created with the help of nanotechnologies based on organic, ecologically safe ingredients. All of them are enhanced with the superfood ingredients Spirulina, Acai berry, Matcha and Manuka 20+ honey and natural extracts that help you get through your daily routine or the toughest tasks. D4X Smart Foods pair perfectly with your everyday diet all year round granting you a daily boost of extra powers.


Smart Food is often referred to as the ‘food of the future’. D4X products have been created with the help of nanotechnologies based on organic, ecologically safe ingredients. Application of nanotechnologies in the manufacturing process allows the use of the tiniest particles of wholesome substances (less than 100 nanometers), which ensures more efficient assimilation of the biologically active materials included in the products. D4X Smart Food are made with the most modern type of nano-particles–liposomes, which cover vegetable extract cells. They improve resistance to digestive fluids and absorption through the gastrointestinal wall, increasing the efficiency of the Smart Food.

Universally renowned quality

D4X Smart Food are made only of unique time-tested natural ingredients using the latest generation technology. The components are collected from the cleanest regions all over the world. The quality of the products fully comply with the international ISO and GMP standards.

How to use

D4X products do not replace normal meals, so do not to forget to eat regularly and healthy. However, it is an extremely valuable addition to your diet. There are no restrictions on using Smart Food–you can eat them as often as you want the same as regular food. Be creative and mix D4X with water, tea, juice, milk or yogurt to make it a great and super beneficial daily snack.


Every drop of honey contains 70 substances that are very important to the human body. According to the National Honey Board, honey contains amounts of a wide array of vitamins and minerals, including niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. In order for all D4X Smart Food to have an even more superior effect, we use a unique honey cocktail of different kinds of honey—manuka, buckwheat, honeydew, forest, bluebell, rape, linden blossom, lavender and sun flower. Different kinds of honey have numerous attributes. Forest honeys were found to kill all strains of bacteria in wounds and manuka honey works miracles for the treatment of burns and wounds. Buckwheat honey outperformed the cough suppressant dextromethorphan (DM) in calming night time coughs and improving sleep in some studies. Honeydew has higher levels of antioxidants than most other flower honeys and the highest levels of polyphenolics, one of the most significant classes of antioxidant compounds. Each D4X product is a superfood honey cocktail with active ingredients that detoxify your body and nourish it with irreplaceable substances. At the same time, all members of the D4X family have their own specific properties and support particular body functions.


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