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For men

Helps with the functioning of the urinary and reproductive systems, normalizes the function of the prostate.

What can we say - the world is ruled by men. And although it is believed that over the years, men seem younger than their female counterparts, the resources in a man's body are certainly not unlimited. Men often lead more active lives, physically, and the weight of their responsibilities in their surroundings is incommensurably greater than women's. Men's lives abound in stress and worry. Despite that, men are less demonstrative emotionally and tend to "smother" everything inside.

That is where men's relatively early "weariness" comes from. The sphere of male bodily activities is particularly sensitive and reactive to the "price" of a masculine lifestyle, and a man almost always pays for it first in the sexual realm. The assortment of biologically active supplements that we offer men has been created in order to solve some of the most important problems that are unique to the male body.

(food supplement)

One problem that commonly disrupts a man's harmonious lifestyle is a disturbance in the functioning of the prostrate - a very important organ in the male body which fulfills, if we may say so, a very vital purpose for men.

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We have already mentioned the detrimental role that stressful situations play in the development of male sexual disorders. The disorders themselves cause major stress for men - what could be worse for an active person than a continual, torturous lack of self-confidence?

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The prostate, because of its location, is particularly vulnerable to infections. It is a glandular-muscular organ, in the shape of a ring, that surrounds the initial part of the male urethra. The tissue of the gland creates a discharge that...

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Wholesale price*: 28.32 EUR (22.000 CV)

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Erectile dysfunction (or, as mentioned above, impotence) was characterized by Sigmund Freud as the most common adversity that oppresses men. There are two major types of factors that may provoke it: organic causes...

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