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1. CardioDrive (Vision) food supplement
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... recommended for pregnant women and in a period breast-feeding. Not recommended for children and people who are allergic to ingredients in the product. The storage conditions: Store in a dark, ...
2. PentActiv bracelet (Vision)
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Shop price: EUR Wholesale price*: EUR ( CV) PentActiv BRACELETS — LIFE UNDER PROTECTION! PentActiv bracelet for women PentActiv bracelet ...
3. OsteoSanum (Vision) food supplement
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... frame, that prevents deformation and crumbliness of bones, helps them stay firm. Target audience to take OsteoSanum: Men and women over 50 Women in the period of menopause Women with low body ...
4. Stalon (Vision) food supplement
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... supplement like this one. Ginseng root has been used for ages in the treatment of sexual frigidity, in men and women alike. Because of its unique qualities it awakens sexual activity and increases potency. ...
5. Revien (Vision) food supplement
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... ingredients in the preparation, individuals with high blood pressure or heart problems or pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not for children under the age of 12. This preparation should not be taken in ...
6. Nortia (Vision) food supplement
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Shop price: EUR Wholesale price*: EUR ( CV) For the metabolism and spiritual balance We, women, are built in such a way that any given deviation from the norm in ...
7. Medisoya (Vision) food supplement
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... and desirable. This lovely "autumnal" time in a woman's life coincides with a certain physiological state - the extinguishing of female-specific functions. This state should not cause women any discomfort, ...
8. Artemida (Vision) food supplement
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... well as neurosis. Mugwort contains phytoestrogen, which demonstrates a positive influence on women's hormonal state. It also has analgesic, anti-depressive and sedative qualities. Bearberry is well known ...
9. For men
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... in their surroundings is incommensurably greater than women's. Men's lives abound in stress and worry. Despite that, men are less demonstrative emotionally and tend to "smother" everything inside.  ...
10. For women
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Women may be kind, pretty, good, mystifying, desirable, inimitable, approachable, unconquerable, unpredictable, mean, quarrelsome, and so on, and so on. Any one of these expressions could be true. ...
11. Direct Hit
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... (which come from outside) or endogenic toxins (produced inside the body). Shop price: EUR Wholesale price*: EUR ( CV) For Women ARTEMIDA (food supplement) ...
12. Healthy Eating
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... importance. Unfortunately, the cult of beautiful and perfectly maintained bodies can lead to detrimental effects in ours lives. This applies to women in particular, who go to great pains to make their ...