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1. Safe-to-see forte (Vision) food supplement
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... key causes of visual acuity decrement . Redness, smarting and dryness of the eyes due to deterred blinking, excessive lacrimation... These are consequences of asthenopia (eye strain), a form of so called ...
2. Smart Food
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Smart Food is often referred to as the “food of the future”. It has been created with the help of nano-technologies based on natural, ecologically safe ingredients. Application of nano-technologies ...
3. Actual promotions
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... the SESSIA application for a smartphone available in the Android and iOS store. In connection with the merger of Vision International People Group with Freedom International Group, the new store received ...
4. Lifepac Junior
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...  JUNIOR BE SMART (food supplement) The complex contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that facilitate proper development of brain, nervous system and eyesight. ...
5. Vision Supplements
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... Up to 200 times stronger than other honeys. x4 the mineral content of regular flower honeys. See more products of Smart Food → Shop price: EUR Wholesale price*: EUR ( CV)  ...